Are You Ready for Summer Reading Fun?



Summer is quickly approaching and now is the time to get ready. You need to plan fun and exciting ways to motivate kids and keep them reading all summer long. But how? Simple! Invite Chris “Magicman” LaBarge to your library to present his wonderful magic show!

Books will fly off your shelves!

We are not talking just any magic show…but an exciting magical science show presented as an interactive game show! "The Fizz, Boom, Read Game Show" is an exciting show that blends the magic of science with the science of magic. Presented in a fun game show format, the audience will compete with each other while being amused and astounded. Kids, teens, and adults will enjoy this fun and energetic preformance that will leave them wondering;

Is it science or is it magic?

More than just a magic show, this magical game show is filled with colorful conjuring, outrageous comedy, audience participation, and so much more! You can trust the magic and creativity of Chris "Magicman" LaBarge, a NYS certified elementary teacher and literacy specialist, to create excitement and genuine interest in all that your library has to offer.

This fantastic show includes:

  • A full 45 minutes of magic and mayhem
  • A poster and flyers to promote the event
  • A bibliography of books from the performance.
  • A special treat for all who attend!

"I loved the way you interacted with the kids--they were truly mesmerized! You are a master at allowing the audience to think they've figured out how you did a trick --they're astonished when they realize that they didn't 'get you' after all! This magic show is not a flashy production with big, complicated tricks or gimmicks. This magician really connects with his young audience and succeeds in maintaining their attention and delighting their imaginations! I also appreciated the library 'plugs'."

- Cindy Pulito, Grafton Community Library

"While the kids loved every minute, what I appreciate is your professionalism and responsiveness. You are a joy to work with!"

- Amy, Albany Public Libraries

"I liked your performance very much. The best part was your ability to intertwine Henry Hudson with your show. I also was impressed on your relationship with the audience."

- Kathy Stempel, Berne Public Library

"Your enthusiasm both for the magic and working with the children is apparent. You genuinely seemed to enjoy the whole experience and it showed with the kids. You managed to get them fully engaged and excited, yet stay within control of the large groups. Nothing seemed forced, even after watching you three times (once at each of my libraries)!"

- Nancy Gifford, Schenectady County Public Libraries

"You did an excellent job keeping cool in a very busy environment. We did not know what to expect from this event and had four times as many children as we had predicted. You were very flexible and knew how to gauge the audience and adjust your performance accordingly. The kids all thought you were great. It was the one part of the day we didn't need to worry about or fuss with in order to keep up with the volumes of children coming to the event. Thanks for the job well done, and I wish I could have seen more of the actual magic for myself. Thank you!"

-Sarak Clark, Albany Public Libraries

"You kept not only the kids attention, but the adults as well. I like to see magic performed and the balloon making never ceased to amaze me when its done."

-Sally Rappa, Canojaharie Library